GOODSTARS Founder Brody Hankinson is Today’s Honoree

Brody Hankinson is an outstanding individual, entrepreneur and leader within the community. He launched a non-profit organization GOODSTARS through his company, TigerZoom to create job grants for those in need.


GOODSTARS.ORG is organized and directed as a non-profit organization with a mission of providing career grant funding and commumity services to those in need. GOODSTARS.ORG is:

  • raising a total of $80 billion in funds in order to provide over 10 million career grants and 35 million new careers for American entrepreneurs and job seekers in the next 5 years.
  • raising a total of $8 billion in funds in order to provide community services and financial support to charities and individuals in need
  • encouraging private industry corporations, public organizations, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and the general public to support the mission of creating new career opportunities for America.

GoodStars is a StarBurst8 Initiative partner

The StarBurst8 Initiative is a commitment to inspire the world to learn how to create, build, and operate companies they’ll love, by doing work they enjoy, in the comfort of their own homes and communities.

We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to create a highly successful company and derive value from it. We strive to enable individuals to come together and pool their ideas, skills, and abilities into a collective genius that gives the world a better way to live. Eight components, championed as the StarBurst8, make this initiative a success.

Grants we fund:

Proceeds from donations to GOODSTARS.ORG go towards the funding of the 3 private job grants below.

Starting in the fall/winter of 2012, these grants will be offered nationally to new entrepreneurs and job seekers who are applying to work within the StarBurst8 Initiative network.

Over the next five years, promotional initiatives and fundraising campaigns will help raise a total of $80 Billion dollars to fund over 10 million career grants.  These grants, including some which are valued up to $20,000 dollars per individual grant, will be awarded to new entrepreneurs and job seekers in order to help cover costs associated with start-up, job training, materials, and technology costs.

Visit GOODSTARS for more information

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