Professor Dr. Ronda Beaman is Today’s Honoree

Dr. Beaman spends the majority of her life giving back to others. She is a professor at California Polytechnic Institute. Her leadership and motivational classes are changing the lives of her students. More importantly than offering them short term success, Dr. Beaman is changing their thinking; thereby setting them up for lifelong greatness.

Dr. Beaman had ice cubes dropped down her diapers as a child because her parents wanted to watch her dance. An illness borne from having had Ronda at too young an age. Instead of accepting the role of the victim, Ronda decided to change the world. It started when she was six and became addicted to earning Girl Scout merit badges, and today, she is changing lives not only in her classroom, but in her community. She regularly offers free life coaching classes to woman for the sake of empowerment. She also offers boot camp and other fitness classes to her community and her neighborhood so as to bring people together. “It is through connections that people thrive,” Beaman said.

Dr. Beaman is changing lives, and her book, Little Miss Merit Badge, is teaching people that there is a better way to live and think.

Ronda’s goal is to inspire women and her memoir, Little Miss Merit Badge, is a testament to the fact that you can be successful no matter what kind of upbringing you’ve experienced.  When many would become defeated by the “unique” parenting she endured, Ronda channeled what most would consider to be abuse into a flourishing life of over achievement.

Ronda is available to speak at troop meetings, book clubs and readings, on broadcast shows, writing seminars, business meeting and conferences, and anywhere else people gather to find humor, insights and answers to life’s most basic question, “When do I get my prize?”

The first recipient of the NEA’s Art of Teaching award, Dr. Ronda is the mother of USA Today’s Most Creative Family, highest rated speaker at the Young President’s Organization, author of the award winning book, “You’re Only Young Twice”, director of Leadership Studies at California Polytechnic University, and a highly sought after speaker, life coach and fitness trainer. She is Chief Creative Officer for the research and consulting firm PEAK Learning, Inc. and a national thought leader for The American Health Network. She has been featured on major media including USA Today, CBS, NBC and Fox and was anchor for the television magazine Seattle Today.

Dr. Ronda earned her doctorate in leadership, paying her way by singing telegrams dressed in a gorilla suit. She has been Professor of the Year at three universities and named one of the Top Ten Outstanding Women in America.

Something notable about Ronda is that she is an MS patient that has never exhibited any effects of the disease.  You will see, after reading her book, just why that is.

Visit Dr. Ronda Beaman for more information.

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