National Breast Cancer Foundation CEO Janelle Hail is Today’s Honoree

Janelle Hail is the founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

At 34 years old, the mother of three was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that will affect more than 200,000 this year alone. At the time of her diagnosis, she was living a healthy lifestyle and had no family history of breast cancer.

From her personal experience and a compassionate heart to help others, Janelle’s vision for the National Breast Cancer Foundation was formed. She strengthened her voice to reach women with lifesaving education on breast cancer by becoming a professional speaker and award-winning published writer. In her pursuit of reaching out to women who have no assistance, Janelle has received numerous accolades on behalf of NBCF.

Today, Janelle serves as the CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation, one of America’s most highly recognized and respected breast cancer charities. To Janelle, nothing compares to the joy in life she receives when she hugs a woman whose life has been spared by a mammogram provided by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2010, Janelle celebrates her 30th year as a breast cancer survivor.

Visit Janelle Hail for more information.

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