Today’s Honoree is Home Ownership Expert J. Varnie Barker

J. Varnie Barker brings to the real-estate marketplace and to all homeowners and buyers a relevant entrepreneurial vision that reconciles the goal of corporate profitability with the responsibility of community humanitarianism.

With his background in business management, land acquisition and development, real-estate investment, organizational development, management, construction, and strategic leadership, he is an advocate of an innovative new model of homeownership that reconciles strategic financial planning with the pursuits of homeownership and with the ultimate goal of true financial security for all homeowners and homebuyers.

As a former president and CEO of various enterprises, including homebuilding, he acquired extensive, specialized, home-builder, land-development, home- improvement, and mortgage-financing knowledge and experience, and therefore understands the disadvantaged and vulnerable position of all homeowners. His reorganization of and desire to solve the homeownership sustainability dilemma led him to create the marvelous “Twenty-First Century Homeownership Model.”TM

He has created a system whereby any homeowner of any mortgage size and of any socio-economic status can achieve financial independence and economic security through homeownership. Proficient in income-acceleration strategy and its relationship to homeownership and mortgage-acceleration techniques, he has developed an income strategy for all homeowners that, when implemented as prescribed, sustains earnings over a lifetime. He has developed foreclosure- prevention techniques and methods and originated the ideas of “Homeownership with an Investment Orientation” TM.

He is an avid proponent of business formation that improves the lives and enhances the net worth of individuals.

His desire is to ensure that every homeowner/buyer has a solidified base for financial security and hence, has introduced his pioneering concept of “The Twenty-First Century Homeownership Model” TM,  No-Mortgage -Homeownership Strategy,   Homeownership with a strategic financial plan, and the principle of “Homeownership with an Investment Orientation” TM, all designed to ensure successful and sustainable homeownership.

Visit J. Varnie Barker for more information.

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