Mom Motivator Elayna Fernandez is Today’s Honoree

I was born and raised in lovely San José de Ocoa, in the Dominican Republic. I am the proud happy mother of Elisha and Elyssa, proud member of a loving and affectionate family, proud sister of 4 younger amazing siblings. I love people. I love animals. I love the Earth. I love me. And I love YOU.

My philosophy is “Be Positive and You Will Be Powerful!“. I am passionate about Positive Thinking, Inner Peace, Gratitude, Faith, Joy, and Personal Growth.

My mission is to GROW and LET GROW: to learn from life experiences, to know that life happens FOR me and not to me. I want to share my love, joy, and all gained wisdom with everyone I connect with. I invite you to join me!

My love for children and my passion for motherhood guided me to create MOMtivation, a place to read, share, learn, connect and be inspired. I also founded as well as a non-profit organization, The Positive Mom Foundation, with the purpose of fostering a positive life for families and future generations, and spreading my motto “You cannot share what you don’t have.”

Professionally, I am a bestselling Author, an International Speaker, and a Success Guide. Learn more…

In business, I develop products and services that allow entrepreneurs to utilize the web to its fullest potential. My books and programs help you create online visibility, increase branding awareness and facilitate business growth. My award winning “Social Media Empowerment Live” workshops and “Social Media Success Made Possible” book are example of my dedication to making this a reality.

My favorite activities in life include spending quality time with my family, smiling, hugging, laughing, learning, reading and writing books, cooking healthy meals, family prayer, teaching, dancing, singing, listening to music, yoga, helping others, and meeting happy people.

Some of my mentors and clients include Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Richard Flint, Mark Victor Hansen, and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Let’s Talk. I’d love to get to know you. As your Friend, let me listen and understand your needs, challenges, goals and attitudes. As you Guide, allow me to earn your trust and work hard to keep it. I look forward to it!

Visit Elayna Fernandez for more information

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