Diversity Expert Dr. Jason Scott Henderson is Today’s Honoree

Dr. Jason Scott Henderson is an entrepreneur, friend to many, author, radio talk show host, physical therapist, family man, professional speaker, and diversity consultant. In his professional pursuits, and in his community contributions, he helps countless people every day. His desire to help others by sharing his stories and his talents is fueled by a strong
spiritual foundation that comes through in everything he says and does.

You can experience Dr. Henderson’s good works first hand by listening to his Optimistic Radio show, which comes on every morning on Blog Talk Radio. He starts every show with uplifting music and an “Optimistic verse of the day” – a scripture that serves as the foundation for the topics he discusses.

These topics encourage others to become their best selves, face their personal challenges, and learn to live effectively with a strong sense of self – while interacting with people of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds. He tackles issues of diversity and friendship in his book:

White Man, Black Man, Chinese Man.” The book is set in a long term health care facility, an environment Dr. Henderson has come to know well – as he is an owner of Ergo Solutions in Washington D.C., an innovative, full-service company that specializes in rehabilitative management and consulting services.

Dr Henderson believes in giving back to the community. He is the Executive Director of Ergo Resolutions, a not-for-profit dedicated to working to alleviate health disparities among Washington, DC Metropolitan Area residents by increasing health literacy and access to healthcare. Through this organization, Dr. Henderson spearheads efforts to support vulnerable populations through targeted outreach and wellness programs, as well as the professional development of innovative, culturally competent healthcare providers who treat and advocate on behalf of undeserved communities.

Visit Dr. Jason Scott Henderson for more information.

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