President of the San Diego Rescue Mission Herb Johnson is Today’s Honoree

HERB JOHNSON CEO and President of the San Diego Rescue Mission. He is of retirement age and while many of his peers are sitting back and finished with their professional lives, Johnson is working longer and harder than ever at the San Diego Rescue Mission. Judging by his commitment to the
cause of helping the homeless and the excitement he exudes while doing so, one would think he has been in the nonprofit business for most of his professional life. However it is quite the contrary.

A Harvard MBA and recipient of the national Black Achievement Award, Herb was widely recognized as a leader in supply chain circles. Herb has solid expertise and 30 years experience in supply chain management, national and international distribution, logistics and operations management. His earlier professional experience includes managing worldwide logistics at both Polaroid Corporation and Wang Laboratories. Herb also worked for CVS Corporation, a $16 billion pharmacy chain, as Senior Vice President, Logistics for several years. He later became Executive Vice President for Supply Chain Management of Premier, Inc. and the President of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., a $15 billion group purchasing organization. Herb was a high-profile, supply chain management executive who was President of Council of Logistics Management, a leading association of supply chain executives in the world.

His compassion for the needy and the poor showed through in his many years of dedicated service to the church; he has just become a Minister himself.

Herb began his time with the Rescue Mission by serving on the Board of Directors in various executive positions, including Chairman and Treasurer. Because of his passion to serve the homeless, his core values and a “no-nonsense” work ethic, Herb assumed a more challenging role at the San Diego Rescue Mission as President/CEO and has served whole-heartedly in this capacity since 2006.

The Rescue Mission is an key organization in helping to reduce the overwhelming homeless population in San Diego. They have various programs such as the Nueva Vida Haven (emergency overnight shelter for women and children) the only overnight shelter in the area. Not only do they give shelter, but they aim to rehabilitate their clients so that they come out of homelessness and create a pathway to a new life. They have 12 month recovery programs for men and women that give individual counseling, work therapy,
clothing, meals and transportation. The San Diego Rescue Mission aims to create permanent change and independent living for the clients they serve. It is essential that the homeless people in San Diego get to the core of  their problems and rehabilitate themselves so they do not remain in the vicious cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Visit Herb Johnson for more information.

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