Zip Cup CEO Karla Zens is Today’s Honoree

Karla Zens has created the first truly convenient coffee cup that promises to dramatically reduce waste and save people money. It’s a turbocharged version of the collapsible cup you may have had as a kid, except souped up to be safe and stylish, with the same locking mechanisms used on nuclear submarines. BPA free, it saves money on coffee from day one, and people will actually use this coffee cup because–unlike today’s bulky coffee cups–it collapses to fit your pocket, your bag and your life.

Karla is a San Francisco-based sustainability pro with a serious coffee addiction. She loves magical design and smart products that slash waste. She grew up outside a small town on Vancouver Island in Canada (as in bears-walking-through-the-yard small). Her parents were always making things and growing things. They taught her about how interconnected the natural environment is, and that every action can have an impact somewhere else.

Fast forward to a few years ago: she was writing a green living website Karla’s Bonanza  about the changes she was making in my own life to become healthier and more “planet friendly.”

Karla really wanted to carry a reusable coffee cup, but couldn’t find one that fit my life. Travel mugs were leaky, heavy and a burden to carry around all day. If she had plans after work, she’d opt to use a disposable cup rather than lug a bulky cup around until 10 pm. Existing collapsible mugs were small, flimsy and not up to the task of hot liquid.

She created Zip Cup because it’s a product that I wanted in her own life. In designing Zip Cup, she was also really inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart and she’s working to ensure that Zip Cup is as safe for people and the environment as possible.

Professionally, Karla led corporate branding, strategy and biz dev in the pioneering world of green building, where she’s a LEED Accredited Professional. She surrounds herself with extraordinary people, including top notch industrial designers and business advisors.

Visit Karla Zens for more information.

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