Tegu Co-Founder Chris Haughey is Today’s Honoree

Chris Haughey is co-founder and Head Elf of Tegu, a socially-motivated and inventive toy business based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Darien, Connecticut. Chris is responsible for all manufacturing and supply chain related activities and conceived of Tegu in 2006 on a business trip to Honduras while working for The Boston Consulting Group.

Chris Haughey was a rising star at The Boston Consulting Group when a work trip to Honduras shook him to the core. There he witnessed dozens of school-aged kids who woke early in the day to spend hours combing the trash dump for food and recycleables, amounting to about $1 for a full day. He vowed to do something to help the lives of families living in Honduras, where unemployment is a staggering 35%.

Together with his brother Will, they started Tegu, which is short for Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Using locally-sourced hardwood, they make award-winning magnetic wooden blocks. Today Tegu employs 94 in Tegucigalpa and continue to support reforestation in areas damaged by illegal logging, as well as sponsoring a school that provides free education for children who formerly worked on the trash dump.

Chris was born in New Zealand and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended John Burroughs High School. Chris went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, earning his BS with an emphasis in medical device design. Chris has lived and worked in Germany, New Zealand, Mexico and now Honduras. He has an avid interest in the application of for-profit models to sustainable development – of countries, cultures and economies – and is thrilled to be applying that interest to the growth of Tegu. Chris spent a year post-university as a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ in Mexico City and was a volunteer leader for Mosaic, an innovative church in Los Angeles, prior to moving to Honduras. He lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with his wife, Cindy.

Visit Chris Haughey for more information

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