Net Worth Educator L. Renee’ Holbert is Today’s Honoree

L. Renee’ Holbert has overcome homelessness, abuse, and drug/alcohol addiction to be a successful twice published author, radio personality and successful entrepreneur.  

“Your Net-WORTH is a direct reflection of your Net-WORK…”This is the business philosophy, L. Renee’ Holbert uses in growing her business and her brand.

•Success Coach
•Successful Entrepreneur
•Successful Radio Personality
•Successful Author

L. Renee’ Holbert is the owner/founder of Dependable Internet Solutions and Knowledge (D.I.S.K.), a Virtual Office Management company that helps businesses save 50%-70% off their bottom line by outsourcing non core business functions.  She has published two books, To Walk With Grace is to Run With God  and an eBook, Where to Find Tons of Hot Leads.  Both books are available on Amazon and Google. com.  L. Renee’ is a graduate of Franklin University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is also a Radio Personality on Blogtalk Radio, “It Is My Business Radio: Where Everything is My Business”.

L. Renee’ is a strong believer in paying it forward with tools, strategies, knowledge and resources for anyone looking to improve on their business, and their personal development.  

It Is My Business Radio Website:

If you are looking for resources to grow your home based business or website, It Is My Business radio is the perfect media outlet for you to hear expert interviews, resources, tips and tricks.  Listen in to Follow L. Renee’s Radio Show.  

D.I.S.K. – Dependable Internet Solutions and Knowledge Website:

Another great resource for information and to learn how to save money on your business’ bottom line, and increase your business success, so please vsit L. Renee’ Holbert to request a free quote.

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