Health Care Specialist Dr. Diane Meyer is Today’s Honoree

 “I feel it is my purpose in life to educate and guide patients to the research available so they can understand the importance of the choices ‘they’ make concerning their life style and treatment in achieving maximum results in overall health and wellness. ‘Empowerment with knowledge’, gives the patient an added advantage of taking control of their quest for health.”

Diane Meyer, B.S., D.D.S.

Do You Know What Is Put In Your Mouth Can Affect Your Whole Body?

It has never been a more exciting time to be a dentist, as dentistry and medicine move closer together. Recent studies have shed light on a whole new arena of dentistry by proving that the health of your mouth can affect the overall health of your body. Decreasing the patient’s exposure to known toxins through Serum Bio-Compatibility and or Biofeedback testing while optimizing the immune system with adequate nutrition, is the hallmark of her practice philosophy.

Dr. Meyer has been extensively trained in the mouth and body connection. Her entire working career of 31 years has been in the dental field at one capacity or another. She started out in high school at age 16 as a dental assistant trained at Davea. Dr. Meyer graduated from Elmhurst College with a B.S. degree in Psychology in addition to excelling in Physiology and Biology. She held positions as a student liaison for the Chicago Dental Society and Secretary Treasurer while attending Loyola University Dental School. She graduated in 1991.

Dr. Meyer believes that patients cannot experience the best overall health without addressing the body’s basic nutritional needs. She utilizes medical practitioners and other health-care providers along with her own knowledge, to reach this end. Comprehensive testing helps to minimize the immune systems reactions to all things put into/on the body. Dr. Meyer also is mercury safe, which differs from mercury free.

Dr. Meyer shares her love of dentistry with her family. She has a brother, two uncles, and four cousins that are practicing dentists, and a sister who is a dental hygienist.

Dr. Meyer has hosted and also spoke at many holistic venues and has also recently published a book called Pick Your Poisons. This book can be purchased through the following link on line: Pick Your Poisons by Dr. Diane Meyer

Dr. Diane Meyer is a member/associate of various organizations committed to providing the most current research available on Dental Health as it relates to the body.

Memberships and Associations:

Westin A. Price Foundation

Holistic Moms Network

LIA Foundation

International Association of Mercury Free Dentists

Mid-America Orthodontics Society

American College for the Advancement in Medicine ACAM

Dr Gary Gordon FACT member

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

DAMS Dental Amalgam Mercury

Ramiel Nagel

Price Pottinger Nutrition Foundation

Visit Dr. Diane Meyer for more information.

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