Simple Self Defense Instructor Charley Vega is Today’s Honoree

Charley Vega has 28 years’ experience in the martial arts. He is a Master Instructor of Combat Hapkido and has taught self-defense to thousands of men, women and children. Charley has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nova SE University and has taught Business Management classes at a State College.

He has held senior management positions with AT&T, Macy’s and Siemens and has been recognized for outstanding achievement including the Excalibur Award, Breaking New Ground Award (4 times), Circle Of Excellence Award (6 times) and President’s Club Award (5 times). Charley has been a featured guest on WMGF and WNDB Radio.

He is a published author and has been featured at several Barnes & Noble book signing events. Charley has been a guest speaker for Bank of America, Sprint, Caribbean Business, and the Department of Defense. Charley is the writer and executive producer of the TV Show Simple Self Defense for Women®.

Charley Vega Co-owner of Simple Self Defense for Women and works tirelessly on business which is his passion! The personal safety of women & children! He has a full time corporate job but will work nights, evenings & weekends to help others.

Visit Charley Vega for more information.

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