Silent Call Communications President George Elwell is Today’s Honoree

George Elwell, founder and president of Silent Call Communications, one of few companies in the world producing electronic visual and tactile alerting devices for seniors, people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf/blind.

Mr.Elwell is very dedicated to the mission of helping seniors, people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf/blind lead independent, productive lives.

Elwell, 74, a former engineering tech group leader in advanced product design at General Motors, founded Silent Call Communications in 1987. He was inspired by his brother-in-law who is deaf and could not hear the sounds we take for granted – the doorbell, telephone, smoke and fire alarms.  Elwell recognized there were few products available to 
help people who are deaf function in everyday life.  He also wanted to practice his Christian beliefs by helping others and by taking a “walk in his faith.”

Elwell is the inventor behind most Silent Call Communications products that include current technological alerting devices, receivers, transmitters and alarms for seniors, people that are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf/blind.  The devices use light and vibration to signal doorbells, smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, sound monitors, door/window access, telephones, alarm clocks and weather alerts.  The company is credited with many firsts including a device for alerting parents that are deaf when their baby is crying and a variety of vibrating and strobe light devices that let people know if 
there is a fire.

Elwell and his wife Diane manage day-to-day operations and work with a team of engineers and production associates. The company conducts ongoing information gathering among people in the senior, deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf/blind community to aid in new product development.  All products are tested by employees and Elwell’s brother-in-law.

Silent Call Communications clients include Holiday Inn, Carnival Cruise Lines, the U.S. Postal Service, schools, plants and warehouses, retirement centers, the State of California, the Province of Quebec and the American Red Cross.

It is Elwell’s vision to grow Silent Call Communications into the largest provider of alerting devices for people who are deaf and hard of hearing in the world.

Visit George Elwell for more information.

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