Step by Step Foundation’s Liliane Stransky is Today’s Honoree

Liliane Stransky, the founder and president of the charity Step by Step Foundation.  She just hosted a benefit auction to assist with wildfire relief efforts in Colorado, raised $6,000 plus to buy backpack and children’s supplies for kids who were left with nothing after the blaze, and her good work goes on and on.  Liliane Stransky  Photo attached in her “Riders Give” polo t-shirt, a Step by Step initiative to unite show jumping equestrians from around the world and have them raise funds and awareness for children and communities in need around the globe.

Liliane Stransky, emigrated from Venezuela over a decade ago and now lives in Miami Beach, Florida and has 3 daughters who support her efforts.

Her continuous good work and efforts to help others on an ongoing basis deserves recognition. Thanks to her efforts, and her charity drives, children in LaHaie, Haiti can go to school at the elementary school she built; kids left with nothing after Colorado wildfires will have school supplies; unemployed Floridians have the chance to make money through her Pin by Pin program; and children around the world are being helped thanks to her ongoing efforts.

(About Liliane, in her own words Q&A)

How did you get started with Step by Step?

In Venezuela, with some friends, I opened an organization called FUNDANA to help abandoned and abused children from infants to ten years old. This organization had helped more than 10,000 kids. So when I moved to Miami from Caracas 12 years ago, I had a big emptiness and hunger to help here in United States. In the beginning, I was Chair of the Children’s Home Society in Miami, but I wanted to do more, so I decided to open Step by Step Foundation in Miami. We have helped many organization locally in Miami, all around the United States, and abroad.

What inspired you to create Team Step by Step with riders championing your charity?

That was an idea from my daughter Daniela, when she came with us to a trip to visit our school in Haiti. She said that we should create a team to help, and to spread the word around. On that trip, were three riders. Today, we have Margie Engles and Jimmy Torano on the Step by Step Foundation board. Recently, we created the “Riders Give” program, which encourages more riders to join the Step by Step team, and to give a percentage of their winnings to the foundation to help abused and abandoned animals and people. The program already has more than 30 riders enrolled, and we want to grow the program around the world.

How would you describe your journey from when you were a very young to the successful philanthropic person that you are today?

That I am a very lucky person who had the opportunity to realize all my dreams and so many more to come. “I ask God for Love and he gave me people to help”     
What is your purpose and how do you know that you’re on the right path?

When you see a smile in a child in need, an abused mother that gives you her hand.

Who do you most look up to and why?

Oprah Winfrey because she has the tools and position to help millions of people around the world. There are many people who have the power to make change, but not many have the sensitivity to do it.
Where do you see your philanthropic and charity efforts taking you?
To help as many children around the world as I can, by continuing to create programs that encourage many people to join us! We have a new project called the PIN by PIN Project to help unemployment. My dream will be that all students in the United States come together and get donations by distributing inspirational “pin” bracelets made by the unemployed in their local community.
What was your most memorable way of helping others?

Our trip to Haiti such extreme poverty and so many needs. I have never seen so much poverty all over the place. But everyone still has a smile of gratitude…..
What was your most memorable moment with Step by Step thus far?
 When I met Princess Carolina of Monaco (Hanover) in Paris and we spoke about our mutual dreams to create change in the world. Now, we are doing an alliance with the Princess’s foundation, AMADE, to help children around the world!
What have been your challenges getting to this point?

Getting others to share the passion and the dream, and to know it is not just about writing a check, but about spreading the word to as many people as possible to help.
What is your message to others who like you aspire to accomplish their dreams like you?

Do not be afraid to fail, keep your dreams alive, and always do everything from your heart. And, especially involve as many young people as possible!
What is your philosophy about success?

Always be grateful, respectful, and humble.  Keep serving others, never give up, and always be true to yourself!
What are your goals for the near future and long term?

To get more and more people involved in our work, and keep serving more and more people – that is our goal every day!

Visit Liliane Stransky for more information.

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