The Sassy MC Michelle Clower is Today’s Honoree

Michelle Clower, Owner/CEO of Konsults Business Solutions and Co-Owner of Sassy Shirtz. Michelle inspires the uninspired with her efforts to help people achieve their best, professionally and personally. With her business Konsults, she assists individuals and businesses in the areas of Human Resources and career coaching to reach professional potential.

With Sassy Shirtz,  Michelle, also known as The Sassy MC, hosts an internet radio show, authors inspirational stories, and holds motivational speaking engagements, all toward the empowerment and betterment of women. With Sassy Shirtz, her goal is to encourage and support women as well as improve one’s overall wellness.

Michelle’s continues to amaze and motivate people with a desire to inspire them, and innate ability to communicate messages of support and strength. Her strengths are countless and her knowledge and talent immeasurable. Michelle’s gift of insight and information should be shared with as many people as possible to spread her messages to others.

You can visit Michelle Clower for more information as well as listen to her on the Sassy Speakz Radio show.

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