Fashion Designer Kerry Lynn Spindler Is Today’s Honoree

Kerry Lynn Spindler is the founder and CEO of upscale children’s clothing line, KSpin Designs. Kerry is a former fashion model-turned-successful business woman. After being diagnosed with melanoma at age 27, she decided to close her financial services company and take her career path in a new direction.

With a modeling career and passion for fashion, it led Kerry to the conception of  KSpin Designs in 2010. KSpin Designs, a Boston-based children’s couture clothing line, takes an “anti-assembly line” approach when it comes to production.

Each garment is specially designed and hand-crafted in the USA by one of KSpin’s talented seamstresses. All pieces are made using carefully selected designer fabrics so that each design is unique. KSpin Designs are perfect for events and special occasions. KSpin Designs serves a dual purpose in its mission.

In addition to providing specialty clothing options for boys and girl’s ages 18
months to size 10, KSpin’s collections serve as a platform to raise public
awareness for skin cancer. Since Kerry is a melanoma survivor, the KSpin Designs company supports skin cancer awareness and education for children by providing free sunscreen and sun-safety tips with every purchase.

KSpin also sponsors major events throughout the country to spread the message of sun safety to a larger audience. KSpin will be partaking in the Teen Choice Awards-Presenters, Emmy’s, Oscars, The Olympics, Plus Size Miss USA, The Australian Film Awards and we are a major sponsor for the “Shoe Crew” a charity set up by Hollywood celebrities (children and teens) in Malibu.

As part of our initiative KSpin created a bracelet that changes color when the effectiveness of applied sunscreen diminishes, making the wearer aware of when to reapply. It’s a simple concept; yet potentially life-saving. As a Melanoma survivor Kerry knows full well the value of continually making safe tanning easier, to the point where practicing it becomes almost second nature. From that philosophy, items like the Sun Safety Bracelet were born.

Visit Kerry Lynn Spindler for more information

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4 Responses to Fashion Designer Kerry Lynn Spindler Is Today’s Honoree

  1. I was a fashion designer for woman’s close for 26 years. I worked in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. My job was often challenging and sometimes stressful but it was a very rewarding job that I loved. I enjoyed your article and found it quite interesting.


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