Awesome Graphic Artist Jason Taix is Today’s Honoree

Jason Taix is an incredible graphic designer who is doing some outstanding work and is a rising art director at HERO|farm, a marketing strategy and design firm based in New Orleans. Hired in January 2012, he is in charge of all graphical work at the agency.

Jason attended Southeastern Louisiana University and later the University of New Orleans where he perfected the ancient art of awesome.  Jason’s years of study and skills proved a godsend when New Orleans was besieged by a group of renegade interior designers who threatened bridled  redecoration of the colorful city.

Fortunately, Jason’s newfound awesomeness was their kryptonite. Jason has been a graphic designer for the last 15 years, as well as a professional photographer for the last seven years because sleep is overrated.

Visit Jason Taix for more information.

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