Let’s Talk Motivator Josh Hinds Is Today’s Honoree

Josh Hinds  defines a person deserving to be recognized for the abundant of obstacles he had to overcome in his life. In spite of the struggles Josh went through and over came —Josh remaining humble, likes to refer to them as Work Arounds and not obstacles.

Starting out in 1996, with little more than the idea of creating a way in which he could share the messages of the same speakers, authors, and thought leaders from the motivation, personal development, and business success industry which had been so instrumental in his own life, Josh Hinds set out and literally helped to transform and bring the personal development industry online — while at the same time creating a platform by which those from all over the world could have access to important life changing thoughts and ideas from leading speakers, authors, and experts in the areas of motivation and business success no matter where in the world they happened to live.

What is often taken for granted now — in large part Josh Hinds helped to make possible — greater access to motivation and personal development ideas & resources. Josh Knows What it’s Like to Overcome Adversity and Challenges On The Ladder To Success… Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 8, Josh Hinds has been facing and overcoming adversity and life’s challenges his entire life.

Josh is a firm believer that no matter what challenge life or the world of business reveals, there is always a work-around which can lead to success. While the path to success may not be the one originally envisioned, through a willingness to move forward to the best of one’s ability, the rewards are just as sweet!

Josh Hinds continues to have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives — world-wide through either the network of websites he runs or his weekly motivational newsletter, called “Let’s Talk Motivation!”

Visit Josh Hinds for more information.

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