Health Coach Erena DiGonis Is Today’s Honoree

Few people have the ability to connect with, nurture, and impact lives the way Erena DiGonis does. After serving disadvantaged youths for 8 years in her role as a direct care staff, social worker and social work administrator at SCO Family of Services, Erena added Certified Heath Coach to her list of credentials in 2010 and has since been sharing her inspiration and expertise with another underserved population, seniors.

As an independent consultant for Wellcare, Erena has been presenting a multitude of healthy lifestyle workshops she created specifically for senior centers, community centers and homeless shelters throughout New York.

Topics range from stress management and nutrition, to creating healthy thought patterns and self-care. With each workshop she leads, Erena provides a listening ear to seniors, recognizing them as real people with real challenges, then offers practical tips they can incorporate into their lives immediately.

In her own unique style, Erena showers her seniors with love and leaves them feeling validated, inspired and nourished on many levels. To date, Erena has impacted the lives of 4,000 seniors across 65 senior centers presenting 140 workshops throughout New York.

Being able to address the special needs of this group in a way that creates positive change in the lives of so many is what fuels Erena to continue perfecting her work and share her message to more and more seniors every day. In addition to working with seniors, Erena maintains a private practice where she counsels clients with traumatic brain injuries, eating disorders and other health concerns.

Combining her background in social work with her training in nutrition and lifestyle coaching allows Erena to provide a very special perspective to helping her clients make the changes they need to heal and progress. Erena is also an active leader in the health coaching community and has successfully collaborated with colleagues in creating group wellness programs including nutrition cleanses, emotional wellness programs and body image groups.

She provides expert counseling advice through her regular blog posts  and contributes a monthly column as Emotional Wellness Ambassador for The 100 Women Project Many people have a nurturing personality and strong desire to serve others. It’s rare, however, to find a person who combines this character trait and passion with the intelligence and determination to provide a service that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Visit Erena DiGonis for more information

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