Today’s Honoree is Simon Statton

He started working for the company garden games at the age of 15. He had left school, as he felt they were not encouraging his technical ability and he felt that he was not learning anything. He had dreams and visions of being a computer programmer but these were dashed by teachers and peers and made out to be an impossible task.

He went for a job interview at Garden Games, and although almost unemployable with no experience and no qualifications the owner John Cardy saw something in Simon that he liked. He saw a dogged determination in him which he wanted to give a chance so he game him a job.

After working at the company garden games for several years, he has now (along with developing many websites for the company), developed a piece of 3D software which allows customers to design their own climbing frame. The software was built by him from scratch and as a result has made the company significant profits through climbing frame sales on both on the climbing frame website and the flagship store

Visit Simon Statton for more information.

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