Today’s Honoree is John Metz

Nearly 60% of all bankruptcies are because of medical bills. John has selflessly dedicated himself to personally helping people  who have medical insurance or medical billing problems. And how he has  worked to get legislation passed to protect us all.

JustHealth has assisted thousands of patients and providers who were  subjected to dangerous, deceptive, dishonest, unfair or unlawful  conduct by insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and others in our  healthcare system.

Here are  some stories of people John has helped.

When a Hunger Strike Isn’t Enough:

Our health care system is full of traps for the unwary, but this one is special. Sally Gillette’s paraplegic son was covered as a dependent under her employer’s policy as long as he was in school – or if he remains largely dependent on his mother for support. But when health complications forced him to leave school, the insurer and her own employer lied to Sally and her son – and told them that he was no longer covered.

Sally buckled down to protect her son and tried everything, up to and including a hunger strike, to get the employer, the insurer and the system to take notice. Nothing changed.

Until she found JustHealth. The insurer and employer decided to reinstate the dependent coverage for the son, including the four years between the time he was dropped and their “change of heart.” The insurer also agreed to repay the Medicaid program about $200,000

Sentenced To Death:

Michael Plate was sentenced to death. Twice. The first time he was told he needed stones removed from both kidneys or he would die. The good news is that the system provided the needed surgery, sparing his life.

The bad news is that the surgery left “temporary” tubes in place. Unless these were removed within sixty days, Michael would die. This time the system had nothing to offer.

The last agency he could find that might help, couldn’t, but they did refer him to JustHealth. Within days of JustHealth’s intervention, the hospital reconsidered, provided the surgery and Michael lived to tell the tale.

Visit John Metz for more information.

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