Mike Bellamente Who Makes Sure Our Climate Counts Is Today’s Honoree

Mike oversees the organization’s annual company scoring efforts, which  compares companies on their commitment to tackling global warming, as well
as day-to-day operations.

Prior to joining Climate Counts, Mike served four  years as primary environmental liaison for a national economic development  nonprofit in Washington DC.

Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, he  was appointed team lead representing the U.S. Economic Development  Administration to conduct economic impact analyses for affected  communities. Mike was also selected as an external panel advisor for the  2010 EPA.

About Climate Counts:

The time for talk about global warming has passed, and significant corporate, consumer, and political action is now necessary.

Climate Counts is a collaborative effort to bring consumers and companies together in the fight against global climate change.

We score the world’s largest companies on their climate impact to spur corporate climate responsibility and conscious consumption. Our goal is to motivate deeper awareness among consumers — that the issue of climate change demands their attention, and that they have the power to support companies that take climate change seriously and avoid those that don’t.

When consumers take action and raise their voices on issues that matter to them, businesses pay attention.

We have no interest in doom-and-gloom environmental reporting and instead believe that positive change starts with a hopeful outlook that real change is possible and that the relationship between companies and consumers can become more substantive and constructive.

Please join us — and bring your friends, neighbors, and colleagues with you. The time to make climate change history is now.

Climate Counts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization launched with support from Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

What We Believe

  • The climate crisis demands a much higher level of public awareness and action than currently exists.
  • Business is the most powerful institution on the planet and can be a potent force for good.
  • The climate crisis represents a threat to all living beings, but also a unique business opportunity to help improve and enhance living standards worldwide through cleaner, more sustainable technologies, products, and services.
  • Working together, consumers and companies can raise awareness, change behavior, and move markets to promote environmentally and economically sound solutions to the climate crisis.
  • Consumers want to support companies that are taking positive, proactive measures to reduce their climate footprints.
  • Most companies want to be good corporate citizens, though they often need encouragement and support from their customers to justify taking action.
  • Consumers and companies alike need rigorous tools and reliable information to make informed decisions on climate change.
  • Transparency and accountability can be powerful tools to promote change.
  • The window of opportunity to take aggressive action to fight climate change is small and getting smaller — the time to act is now.

Visit Mike Bellamente for more information

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