Today’s Honoree is Betty Davis

Betty Davis is from McHenry,IL. an author of children’s books and owner of a private tutor business Funn with Phonics. She Promotes Literacy even through tough medical times for her aging parents with dimentia. Benefiting children into the future by making learning about new things through reading FUN and memorable.

Betty lives teaching and promotes improving literacy to business groups, too. She stresses the importance of comprehensive and continued improvement of reading skills can have a positive effect on anyone’s business and community.

About: Fun with phonics is a program that teaches children as young as 4 years old to read in a fun, way. Multi-sensory techniques are used in a way that each child will benefit and taught in format specifically for them.

Mission: The Fun with Phonics program was created to encourage a love and passion for reading and to instill confidence in children of all ages. Reading and literacy are the most importance tools for success in school and in life.

Description: Students are learning to read or to improve their reading through, art media, music and interactive games. Children use games like hopscotch, boggle and many others to learn the phonics rules and or word patterns. Group and individual classes are available.

Visit Betty Davis for more information

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