Today’s Honoree is Alberto O. Cappas

Retired from government service after 35 yrs. as executive/senior manager in the field of community relations/affairs; published poet/writer, author of two books on motivation for young people; founder of, home of the Educational Pledge; strong background in Education and Criminal Justice, served as a member of the Attica Observers Committee during the Attica Prison upraising. Alberto is a graduate of SUNYAB. He has managerial positions at SUNYAB, State Division for Youth, HRA, and NYC-HCC. Alberto is a product of the NYC school system (HS of Commerce & Harlem Prep) and he also served time in reform school during his youth (Warwick State Training School for Boys). He is presently available for lectures and presentations regarding his many life experience.

Alberto Cappas is a poet and entrepreneur in several diverse areas. He is the author of Lessons for Myself, a motivational book for young people, published in 2009, and author of Never too late to make a U-turn, published in 2005. His poetry/work has been included in many publications and anthologies in the United States and Canada. Cappas is the recipient of the “Keepers of Our Culture” Award for Literature, presented to him by the New York State Hispanic Heritage Month Committee — on September 15, 1994.

His talents and skills as a writer, interest in the human condition and concern for those socio-economic issues which impact the Puerto Rican/Latino community, have served to foster in him an active interest and involvement as a journalist. This has led to his role as co-publisher and co-editor of the Latino Village Press, a monthly publication designed to educate and inform the Puerto Rican/Latino community about the importance of going into business and developing their own economic institutions and infrastructures.

His accomplishments and achievements lists him as the founder and Chairperson of the AOC Speakers Bureau, the only Latino and African American speakers bureau in the country (now known as Nubian Voices), founder and Chairperson of Don Pedro Enterprises, the makers of Don Pedro Cookies (now known as The Educational Pledge); and he was co-founder of A Place for Poets, a national publication which featured aspiring Latino and other emerging writers and poets.

Further, his works have achieved wide interests, growing appeal and numerous accolades. It should be noted that his work has been featured and preserved in the City of Buffalo’s new Metro subway system, with a commissioned work by the Niagara Frontier’s Transportation Authority of an artistic “vignette” with two other Latino artists. The work is a thirty-foot steel tile mural that reflects the search for a sense of belonging in this city. Also, his early works have been included in the renowned Schomburg Library’s archives.

Cappas is an alumnus of the State University of New York at Buffalo and a recipient of the NYC Urban League’s Charles Evans Hughes Award for Creative Writing — presented to him by Harlem Preparatory School in 1967.

“Never invite me to an anti-war rally, but do invite me to a pro-peace rally.”

Visit Alberto O. Cappas for more information

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10 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Alberto O. Cappas

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to recognize my presence in the world, as well as to acknowledge my work and involvement, past and present…. Your “Today’s Honoree” feature serves as a token of appreciation in the world, recognizing the work and contribution of individuals in their respective communities…..

  2. Arlene C. Tucker says:

    Mr. Alberto O.Cappas is a perfect and deserving choice for this recognition.

  3. Amelia Maldonado says:

    As a co-worker of Mr. Cappas at HRA, I enjoyed an excellent working relationship with him. He was always professional, compassionate,a good friend and excellent co-worker. I am proud to say, I know Alberto Cappas!!!

  4. From Juan Carlos Recinos: I am proud to say that I know Mr. Cappas. He has always supported my growth as a Latino poet/writer and leader in this society. His numerous works and projects have a clear statement to support and contribute to the well being and development of people, especially the youth. He is so involved in his community that is very hard to track his daily activities, which motivates me to work extra hard in what I do in my young years. My congratulations to MR. ALBERTO O. CAPPAS! ~ Juan Carlos Recinos

  5. Por Rita Rodriguez Colon: Ud. es verdaderamente un ejemplo y orgullo para nuestra sociedad y mas aun para nuestros hijos y nieto. Que Dios lo siga bendiciendo. CONGRATULATIONS MR. CAPPAS!!!!!!!! — Por Rita Rodriguez Colon

  6. angelica.aquino14@gmail says:

    A dedicated public servant and a light and joy to the world! Onward and Upward, Alberto! You have inspired many to follow your steps and to contribute to a better world. Peace, love and light! A. Aquino.

  7. Eva G says:

    I am happy to say that Alberto is a long time friend of my family and me. He has always worked passionately to make a difference in our community, culture and especially with the youth. Congratulation Albert, you deserve this and more….

  8. Good souls like Alberto should be recognized every day !

  9. Felix Leo Campos says:

    I agree with the comments made regarding Alberto O. Cappas’ merit to this honor. I’ve know him for a number of years since his days of working with the State Department of Youth Services. He has been a guest on my programs (A.C.E.S.) as both a civil servant and a poets. Felicitaciones, Alberto. Te lo mereces.

  10. Thank You! I’m so fortunate to have so much love and family, including Friends!

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