Today’s Honoree is Henry Miller

Henry Miller

According to New Hope Natural Media Henry Miller is the  “Young Entrepreneur of The Year”.  Meet Henry Miller, a 14 year old whose interest in saving the honey bees turned into an incredible, thriving business…all before he was even a teenager.

It all started when Henry received a bee hive for his birthday (yes, a bee hive), he cultivated the honey and began donating it to The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees.

In time, Henry had so much honey, he didn’t know what to do with it! So, he started adding spices and experimenting in the kitchen. Soon, he developed his brand Henry’s Humdingers.

Before he hit 8th grade, Henry’s raw honey and spices were being sold in the condiments aisles nationwide as well as online, and he was actively involved in giving back to the bee community that sparked this unique business.

Flavors That You Can Order: Grumpy Grandpa – Cayenne/Garlic honey Naughty Nana – Ginger/pepper honey Phoebe’s Fireball (named after his sister) – Chipotle/Cinnamon Honey

Visit Henry Miller for more information.

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