Today’s Honoree is Amber Hayes

Amber Hayes is 14 years old and she is making a difference with her writing skills. Amber started her own Facebook and YouTube pages to share her gifts. Her stage name is Double A. When I asked her why she cose that name she said ” When I perform I want others to be energized just like a battery”

Amber is inspired by others who try their best. Her dream is to follow her passion in music. This Montgomery, Alabama native says she is best at being herself.  Her dreams will only come true when she has accomplished all that she set out to do. Amber loves music because she enjoys doing it.

Amber writes poetry. Here is a poem she wrote to inspire people to come together.

Side By Side

by Amber Hayes – Copyright 2011

How many slaves were free?

In the year 1860

The Civil War in 1861

A Time when soldiers work was never done

Men wanting to fight and many of them black

Finding a way trying to give back

Saving and building up their bravery

Trying to break loose of chains called slavery

Fighting for their rights

Hoping change would come in the day or night

Wanting to be able to wear the union blue

Having a need to fight for the country of the brave and true

Blacks in the Civil War

Changed America’s sense of pride

Demonstrating that Black and White Men

Can fight Side by Side

Amber can not only rap but do it for a good cause. Visit Trayvon Martin to hear a song that Amber wrote in trubute to him. Amber can write jingles. Visit W.O.E. to hear a song that Amber wrote for Word Of Encouragement Enterprises in Columbus, Georgia.

Visit Amber Hayes for more information.

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