Today’s Honoree is Mohan “Michael” Ramchandani


Mohan “Michael” Ramchandani is the owner of Mohan’s Custom Tailors,  a leading custom clothing company based in New  York City. Mohan recognized that many unemployed and underemployed men  don’t have the budget to purchase their own suit for interviews. Therefore,  he donated 17 custom tailored suits and shirts (over $17,000 value) to  graduates of The HOPE Program.

The HOPE Program is an organization that  empowers and trains New Yorkers who lack education, lost their prior job or  have been previously incarcerated, to achieve economic success through  employment and career advancement.

Mohan, an Indian immigrant who came to the United States to achieve the  “American Dream” felt that students of the program, many of which are  living in poverty, deserve a fresh start and a better life to provide for  themselves and their families.

Mohan donated much more than a suit and shirts to the 17 graduates, he  provided them with confidence to apply their skills learned from the HOPE  Program to capitalize and advance their careers and lives.

Visit Mohan for more information

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