Today’s Honorees are Jenni and Aaron Patterson


It’s the age-old story: boy meets girl, boy marries girl… It was love at first sight for Jenni and Aaron Patterson, but their relationship started like many: with its ups and downs. To keep their love alive, this boy and girl created a sticky note system to help them learn how to communicate.

The boy, Aaron Patterson, a self professed artist full of motivation and momentum, got his start in marketing and branding before he eventually caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided one day that the simple sticky note system he and Jenni had built to express their love and needs might help others learn to do the same. “Lovetanks is a tool to help couples develop open, meaningful expressions of love. In a relationship, both people’s core needs are the same: to be loved and heard. But the way those needs are expressed and met varies widely from person to person, because each person is geared to receive love in many different ways,” said Aaron.

The girl, Jenni Patterson, the administrative might behind the two, says, “We realized that Lovetanks can prevent a lot of fights that result from one person or the other not feeling loved. The result is a happier, healthier, better-communicating relationship. And who doesn’t love that?” Thus, the creation of Lovetanks! Today, Jenni and Aaron Patterson are excited to announce the newest arrival to their family: the beta version of Lovetanks online, where couples can help each other understand what they need each day.

The beta of Lovetanks offers an easy-to-use “tank system” where couples can create a “tank” to represent each of the ways they like to receive love. Like to get flowers or presents? Create a “Gifts” tank. Like it when your significant other takes you out? Create a “Dates” tank. Set the “levels” on your tanks to indicate how soon you’d like to receive those expressions of love, then link your account to your significant other’s account so you can see each other’s levels. Then, get started filling up each other’s tanks!

Aaron and Jenni Patterson for more information started in Redding, CA., so that couples could communicate easier. “With Lovetanks, communication becomes easier and love becomes more intentional. Your relationship becomes less confusing and more fulfilling. As you use Lovetanks, you will develop a natural sense of when to express love, before the “tanks” ever start emptying.”

Visit Aaron and Jenni Patterson for more information.

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2 Responses to Today’s Honorees are Jenni and Aaron Patterson

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for honoring us! We feel honored.

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