Today’s Honoree is Ressurrection Graves

Dr. Ressurrection Graves, Pastor, Author, Poet, and Conference Speaker is a matchless student of what extraordinary has always meant to be; engaging in feats that prove to be set aside for her own journey to love. She is a gifted writer first published at the age of twelve, advancing to performance poetry during the height of the U Street Spoken Word and Poetry movement.

Ressurrection has performed poetry within the United States, touring in 2001 and publishing two books of poetry in 1999 Ressurrection the Spiritual Soul-Ja, (out of print) and I AM… Just the Introduction… Ressurrection Graves, 2003.

She has fan musical favorites such as: Pity, Personal Time, Newness, Blood is Thicker, and Miss U; Spoken Word pieces like, I AM Ressurrection, New Possibilities, Poetry Manifest, Ankhtree, Rape, Rock Bottom, World Peace Poem, Identity Crisis Poem, Muscle Minded Doctrine and The Characteristics of A Leader performed inside the Capitol.

Dr. Graves’ memoir is a long-awaited testimony of her life and how overcoming the adversities she has faced spiritually, mentally and physically such as three-year homelessness, emotional and child sexual abuse; molestation, rape, and incest have illuminated who she is.  She authors a blog covering Love, Life and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse with an active readership.

Dr. Graves, volunteered at Jessup Prison as a Creative Writing Teacher of Poetic Expression, serving a classroom of male prisoners. She also contracted as a Creative Writing Teacher of Poetic Expression for the YMCA serving youth ages 8-12 in their writing development facilitating an afterschool program.

In 2006, Ressurrection started a massage company entitled, H.E.A.L. Massage and Bodywork LLC, focused on the medical benefits of massage therapy after receiving a massage degree from Heritage College. Ressurrection achieved admirable success as a celebrity massage therapist and businesswoman.

Ressurrection created, implemented and maintained all advertising and marketing campaigns for the company. She was the Chief Executive Officer, and developed the company client portfolio to several thousand clients. After closing her business location in 2009, Ressurrection decided to expand her career by finishing her manuscript.

After the release of Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love, Dr. Graves realized that writing her memoir would be the unfolding of an all-new Journey to Love.

Visit Dr. Ressurrection Graves for more information.

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  1. Learning Mother says:

    Yes!!!!! That was dope! Congratulations Dr. Graves! Love it!!!!

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