Today’s Honoree is Veronica Grey The Surf Lady

Click for a Biography of Veronica Grey

As the Surf Lady Veronica Grey, she has three missions

Sometimes she can´t put into words what she feels, so she films it as part of ¨Surf Talk¨the first ever and only videotaped show about All Things Surf Related.

Veronica is founder of the charity Israel-Light aka Eternal Youth Empire.

There are numerous websites that discuss their not-for-profit work at length, but her current intention is to build a Hare Krishna Temple in Santa Teresa, Milpitas, Costa Rica as part of her devotional service.

Surf Lady first picked up a surfboard around 1999 when at the time world champion surfer Keala Kennelly was practically living in Veronica´s penthouse hotel suite for months in Hawaií.

It was a humbling experience trying to even paddle next to Keala, so Veronica dropped the surfboard as quickly as she picked it up. Fast forward to 2011 when a fateful journey to Costa Rica resurrected the surfboard, and something clicked, because now Veronica Grey is madly in love with surfing. Maybe the years of snowboarding from 1999-2011 helped. Kiteboarding is now on the menu…

Visit The Surf Lady for more information.

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