Today’s Honoree is J. Aday Kennedy

I had brain stem stroke and fell into a coma for 13 days. I woke 2 hours after the doctors announced I had no brain function. When I regained consciousness the doctors said I had Lock in Syndrome. I’d never move or breathe on my own again.

They didn’t know my mom. She’s been there every day working tirelessly to help me regain function. Today I can move my left arm & hand and breathe on my own for short spans of time, because she fought for me when I had no fight. Without her help I’d have given up and chosen death. That wasn’t an option. She pushed, cajoled, and encouraged me. I owe her everything.

Today I’m a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic with four published picture books and an inspirational speaker. Believe it or not I’m on life support & physically limited yet happy. All of my success is due in large part because of the woman I’m blessed to have as my mom.

Visit J. Aday Kennedy for more information

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