Today’s Honoree is Dr. Helen Mendes-Love

Dr. Helen Mendes-Love a counselor helping people cooperate with God in solving stressful, personal, marital, family and work-relationship problems and  Dr. Helen Mendes Love has been counseling people for over thirty years, helping others improve their lives, grow stronger in faith and contribute to society by developing their personal and professional skills.

Even in her old age, she continues to reach out to those in need, refusing to retire into life’s sanctuary of peace. Instead, she wrangles with the issues of those she counsels until they reach their perfect peace in union together. That is true peace, not reclining your own comfortable conditions; however, reaching out to those in need.

Dr Helen A. Mendes Love, a follower of Jesus Christ, is President of Mendes Consultation Services (MCS) which she founded in 1976. She and her Professional Associates encourage people to cooperate with God in solving stressful personal, marital, family and work-relationship problems.

Dr Helen Mendes (Love) earned her Masters Degree in Social Work at Columbia University and her Doctorate at UCLA. She studied theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. As a professor of social work at the University of Southern California she taught Masters and PhD students how to help people with a range of stressful problems. She was the Director of the Social Work Minor program at Pepperdine University where she taught undergraduate students.

Dr. Helen was also on the faculties of UCLA and the Hunter College School of Social Work. She is a member of the Academy of Social Workers and a Diplomat of Clinical Social Work. Dr Helen Mendes (Love) has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Chronicle, Essence Magazine, Redbook Magazine and Human Behavior Magazine.

Dr. Helen is the author of The African-Heritage Cookbook, a history-recipe book and God’s Stress Management Plan -Ten Biblical Principles for Avoiding, Reducing or Better Managing Stress. She has authored numerous articles for professional and lay publications.

Her books, Reflections on The Upsides of Aging and God’s Anger Management Plan -Be Angry & Do Not Sin will be released in 2010. Her work as a cultural diversity consultant is the subject of a chapter in the book, Choices – Careers for People Who Like People. She has given hundreds of speeches and seminars for churches, non-profit, for-profit and governmental organizations.

Visit Dr. Helen Mendes-Love for more information.

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