Today’s Honoree is Abdelhafid Baakrime

Abdelhafid Baakrime, is one of those people that never backs down from a challenge. Coming to the US as a very young man from Morocco, he had to work very hard to learn English and to try to establish himself.

He always faces challenges with a zeal to learn, he is a self-made man. He loves to work with wood and has a natural talent for home restoration, he taught himself (no easy task) how to do all types of respairs. He’s never afraid to delve into learning new concepts or to helping others, he has developed a wonderful reputation for creative solutions to problems when friends need things repaired.

He is always ready to help a friend in need, whether it is fixing something on their house, or helping them with a ride when their car is in for repairs.

Abe, as he likes to be called, is now somewhat of an expert on various subjects involving home repair, grounds maintenence and other construction questions for numerous media outlets. He’s taken his love learning, doing good and working with tools and wood and combined them into a real profession.

Visit Abdelhafid Baakrime for more information

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