Today’s Honoree is LeAine Dehmer

This Mother’s Day, LeAine Dehmer, owner of local resort style day spa Skinsations, a staple in Tustin, CA for 25 years, is continuing her inspiring tradition of granting deserving Moms a day of beauty, pampering, and relaxation.

The “Do you know someone who needs to be blessed?”, a pay it forward style promotion, has three simple rules:

1)      You can’t nominate yourself
2)      You must nominate a MOM
3)      Share why she deserves a free day of pampering at the spa

Nominations flood in from LeAine’s client base as well as through the website: After reading touching, personal stories, LeAine selects 6-8 winning moms to visit Skinsations, get treatments, and some lucky moms even leave with products by LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare for continued at-home skin care regimes. The total value for the winning moms is approximately $5,000 in spa services.

Winning stories in years past have included heartfelt letters about one moms long infertility battle, her success in finally getting pregnant with twins, and then devastatingly losing her husband who was killed in Iraq WHILE she was pregnant.

Another recipient tragically lost her husband on her honeymoon, and another winning mom who was balancing married life, working, 2 kids and taking care of her third child in the hospital who was diagnosed with Leukemia (The child is now in remission) also received a spa day.

Going the extra mile, LeAine calls the winner’s on Mother’s Day and reads the submission letters to them so they can hear what incredible words their friends have shared about them. Moms have 6 months to redeem their spa days.

Owner LeAine Dehmer has pampered celebrities including the late Elizabeth Taylor, as well as clients Alicia Silverstone, Tracey Gold, and many more.

A highly sought after beauty specialist, LeAine founded Skinsations Spa in Orange County 25 years ago and also treats Hollywood’s elite in her Beverly Hills spa location. In addition to her spas, LeAine also created the innovative LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare line. Uniquely crafted and scientifically designed, LeAine’s line takes into account nature and science in the most advanced form.

A skincare system that focuses on its “delivery system” with the use of multiple liposomes, her products are able to penetrate past the outer layer of skin resulting in a skincare system that corrects and balances all skin “types” from the inside out, hence her motto: Works IN your skin, not ON your skin.

From the moment you enter, Skinsations’ well-designed spa ignites all your senses…and from complimentary beverages served on a silver platter, to a nap/reading room where clients can unwind post-services, to top-of-the-line products from LeAine’s own skincare line recently featured in the exclusive Oscars gift bag (LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare)

Skinsations provides patrons “affordable luxury” in a soothing, calming environment.
Founded by A-list beauty expert LeAine Dehmer, Skinsations Spa is an Orange County based spa committed to results, luxury, pampering and youthful radiance. Dehmer does not like to teach anti-aging, she prefers to teach “Aging Well”.

This year, Skinsations will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in operation. For over two decades, clients of Skinsations have benefitted from LeAine’s innovative, unique and high quality skincare products including LeAine’s own LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare line. With a range of products that smooth, revitalize, and refresh the face and body, LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare is the only product line that works IN your skin, not ON your skin.

Visit LeAine Dehmer for more information.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is LeAine Dehmer

  1. I’ve had the pleasure, and honor, of knowing and befriending LeAine and her husband, Dexter, for many years now. LeAine has always been at the forefront of the very best skin products on the market, mainly because these products are created from a deep knowledge-base, and I’m certain that her goal in doing so is not based on “Dollars”, but more-so on a supreme, heart-felt wish to change people’s lives for the better. LeAine has always been amongst the nicest, most generous ladies I’ve ever met, and if you seek a change in your life by making your skin healthier, she has the answers, and the product-line for you. Also, “MY suggestion” would be, meet her personally, because then, you’ll understand how truly gifted she is.
    I’m so happy to see her name amongst the Honoree’s on this page, and I absolutely agree that she belongs here………………Bobby Kimball (Original Lead Singer of Toto)

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