Today’s Honoree is Laura Legere

Laura Legere is definitely more than worthy in being nominated for recognition for her very wonderful contribution in helping to powerfully and specifically acknowledge, that many things that used to be considered by some people as “weird” or “strange”, are now no longer thought of or related to that way anymore, as humanity’s mass consciousness has shifted into a more open & enlightened society.

And in her very insightful and fascinating book, “It’s Not Weird Anymore, An Extraordinary True Tale”, through her own personal experiences, Laura has powerfully helped millions of other people to now more fully understand, with much deeper insight.

Into the reasons that they also were Destined to have experiences that used to be judged as “weird” or “strange”, were actually all part of a much Greater Destiny for this planet and many more events also soon to occur. As she likes to say, “weird is now the new norm.”

Laura is also a very dedicated humanitarian, and Aromatherapist, who has helped so many people with their personal “life challenges” to live more fuller, healthier and joyous lives, with both her work and unique insight about life and all of the major Transformational changes that this planet is now presently going through.

Visit Laura Legere for more information.

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