Today’s Honoree is Diva Taunia

Diva Taunia works tirelessly in her community for weight loss surgery and obesity sensitivity education and is an activist for ending weight bias and discrimination.

Diva Taunia is an award-winning professional vocalist, Radio Host, Burlesque Musical Director & Choreographer, and general all-around smart-ass.

Formerly 311 lbs, Diva Taunia had gastric bypass surgery on 3/25/08 and has maintained a loss of over 140 lbs.

With a love for all things glitzy, glamorous, and “Diva,” she has weekly giveaways and promotions on her radio show and social network bringing fashion, makeup, glamour, and celebrating the beauty and sex appeal of women (and men!) of all shapes and sizes.

Her weight loss journey, music videos, and general antics can be found on her Website at and on her YouTube Page at

She can be heard ever Monday night as the host of the Backstage Pass Radio Program, discussing issues and topics involving weight loss surgery, health, beauty & glamour, and more.

Visit Diva Taunia for more information.

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