Today’s Honoree is Torin Lee

Torin Lee is a communications professional, entrepreneur, and co-founder of several businesses, most recently CatchFly, LLCA. Torin spent over 15 years in the corporate communications field, working for Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits and in politics.

A native global citizen, Torin has lived in Michigan, California, Colorado, Virginia, Washington DC, and Australia, and currently lives in Marlborough, Connecticut.

Currently, she is a partner in a business and communications consulting practice and is president of Good Gear bamboo activewear. In her leisure time, Torin enjoys travel, reading, hiking (most recently a trek through Nepal), mountain biking, CrossFit, nature walks, photography, volunteering and spending time with friends, family and soon-to-be friends.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and organic fabric source that is ideal for active people everywhere. Good Gear bamboo activewear is committed to making smart, driven athletes feel good about their gear through highly functional, yet affordable sports apparel.

Bamboo fiber has unparalleled advantages, including strength, versatility, and luxurious softness. Good Gear’s bamboo clothing line is dedicated to spreading awareness about eco-friendly manufacturing processes and educating consumers about natural solutions for activewear. With Good Gear, feel good about your gear! Good Gear is sold in boutiques nationwide and can be purchased at

Visit Torin Lee for more information

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