Today’s Honoree is Thomas Rheingans

Thomas Rheingans is the author of the Stillpoint Method. He has been performing and studying music for over 30 years and has served as an instructor of classical and jazz piano for over 20 years. Mr. Rheingans has taught courses in classical, jazz, and music theory at several colleges in the United States. Mr. Rheingans was awarded full scholarships for his undergraduate and graduate degrees in piano performance from the University of Illinois.

He currently owns and operates Rivergoose Records – an independent record label and production company that also provides music education services. Mr. Rheingans has recorded ten albums in multiple genres including jazz, Broadway, classical, New Age and contemporary music.

In addition to his performing career, he has composed and arranged music for plays, musical theater, and independent films. Mr. Rheingans has been the Artistic Director and featured performer for the Live at the Fries concert series for seven seasons in Vancouver, Washington.

Still Point Piano Method

Stillpoint Piano Method is a multi-media approach to the art of learning and playing the piano while combining both relaxation and meditation techniques. Utilizing instructional video lessons, audio lessons, and a music workbook, the program offers students of all ages and skill levels an efficient and effective way to practice in a more meditative state. Thomas Rheingans discovered that this method could help students explore music at the piano in a more personal and profound way right from the start.

Visit Thomas Rheingans for more information.

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