Today’s Honoree is Kim Hayes

On this day 5 years ago I married Kim Hayes and today I’m honoring her as Today’s Honoree.

Kim Hayes is a great full time wife, Oncology RN, mother of four, choir member and community health advocate.

As a wife Kim makes life interesting. She looks out for me the love of her life with love and open honesty. Sometimes her NY roots come out where she had to fight for everything she has earned today. The Brooklyn, NY born and current Columbus,GA resident know what it is like to see a dream come true. Kim always wanted to give back to others through health education.

Kim Hayes is a RN with over twenty years experience in the areas of Home Health, Case management, Disease management, Diabetes and Oncology. Nurse Hayes has a Bachelors in Nursing and a Masters in Health Care Management.

Motherhood has been a blessing to Kim as she has two children through a previous relationship and provides great care with me and my two biological children. We all have fun when we are together. A few years ago we all went to Disney World together.

When I first met Kim she mentioned she was in the VIP choir at Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus,GA. A few months after our initial meeting Kim was an extra in the movie The Fighting Temptations as she stood in with her choir in the one of the movies most exciting scenes.

Giving back is what Kim is all about and she loves to inspire and help in the promotion of preventive health. Nurse Hayes has a deep passion to teach anyone who needs it.

Bring Kim Hayes in to speak at your next meeting, conference or  event.

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