Today’s Honoree is Lisa Falzone

Lisa Falzone has done the unthinkable time and time again!  Achieved the unthinkable by creating Revel Systems, she was able to create a product others said was impossible. Apple contracts, Stanford electronical engineers said what she was trying to create was impossible yet she created it.

She was the first iPad POS solution to Print directly from the iPad even before Apple could print from the iPad, she was the first company to connect a card swipe to the 30 pin connector to the iPad.

She raised 3.7 million dollars in her A round and has companies like Popeye’s Camille’s side walk cafe and illy Espressmente signed up on her roster list. Won the Business iPad App of the Year Award at MacWorld’s iWorld, where users vote to finalize the verdict. Amazing accomishments and one to follow for the future.

Lisa had various work experiences that contributed to her endeavors. Lisa successfully marketed Whale Tail tortilla chips, a product that is now commonly carried in many grocery stores. She also worked at a venture capital in the United Kingdom, where she analyzed tech startups in Europe. Lisa graduated from Stanford University where she majored in History. She also spent time studying abroad at Oxford University. Additionally, Lisa was a member of the NCAA Division 1 swim team at Stanford.

Visit Lisa Falzone for more information.

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