Today’s Honoree is Howard Clay

When surveying the “Top 25 Black Magazines,” these alarming numbers were found; 16 magazines focuses on music and entertainment, four magazines are about hair, another four are business related, and only one magazine is about education. Out of the top 50 Black Magazines, five have a scantily clad woman on the COVER! B.O.S.S. publisher, Howard J. Clay, Jr., simply states, “It’s time for a change,” in reference to the lack of educationally focused magazines for minorities.

B.O.S.S. (Be your Own Success Story) is the brain child of Howard J. Clayjr..B.O.S.S. is an e-magazine that targets, empowers, and caters to African American and minority youth. It is an e-magazine that introduces new positive role models and makes them accessible by the youth of today. It is an e-magazine that teaches teens how to create, pursue, and believe in their path to becoming a professional and true success story… a real BOSS!

One of Howard’s favorite quotes is “life without purpose, is pointless.”Which means that “purpose” is one of the most important things that you need to fulfill your life. Without it, it’s difficult to find direction .  Fortunately for Howard Clay he found purpose early in life.  Growing up in the church, he learned more than just “Jesus Stories” he learned a self-discipline that has stuck with him throughout his adult hood.  Accompanied with his strong belief in God, he knew that one day he would help many.

After college Howard quickly entered the work force, because that was the right thing to do.  The goal of “moving up the corporate ladder” was his goal, but it didn’t match his purpose.  Even after being successful in several of his corporate adventures, reaching close to a six figure salary he was still “empty”.  In 2009, he decided it was time to leave Cincinnati and head to Atlanta to pursue his “passion” which was music.  Not long after being in Atlanta he met up with Record Executive Kevin Wales and earned a position with Worldwide Entertainment/Def Jam.  At this point Howard felt he had accomplished his dream.  But his “passion” didn’t match his “purpose”, so the “emptiness” remained.

One day after relaxing watching TV, which is something Howard rarely does, he began to discuss with a friend the state of the black youth.  Howard started a Non-profit by the name of Miraculous Foundation, that targeted Minority Youth in 2003 that was very successful, but dissolved due to lack of funding. So he is not new to the discussion of the needs of Minority Students. So towards the end of the discussion, Howard came up with a question. “What are the youth missing?” Unfortunately, the list was long.  But the next question changed Howard’s life forever, “what can I do to help”.  Now Howard had found his Purpose!

To this day, after only 3 months, B.O.S.S. E-magazine has reached over 40,000 readers with over 450,000 page views (which is the turning of the pages) which are both phenomenal. Exclusive interviews from Tony Gaskins, Ashthon Jones, Daron Jones and many more!  Howard credits the success of the Magazine to hard work, God, and the pursuit of a PURPOSE.  So Howard challenges you today with this question, “What is YOUR purpose?”

Visit Howard Clay for more information

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