Today’s Honoree is Jaime Tardy

I’m Jaime. Ever since I was little I had this weird feeling, knowing that I would someday have a million dollars. While I don’t have a million yet, I’ve always been intrigued by how to make a million.

I started out thinking the only way I could do it was to get a good job with a great salary. I wanted to work my way up to a corporate executive position.

So I went to a great (expensive!) school. I decided to start working full time in college to get a jump ahead of other college graduates. By the age of 22 I was making six figures.

But I also started spending as if I made great money. By the age of 24 I was in over $70,000 in debt.

I hated my work. I had worked so hard, for what? I had some cool stuff. But I was stuck in airports all the time. When I was home I dreaded Sunday nights because they marked the beginning of yet another long work week.

I determined that living an enjoyable life was worth far more than a million dollars. So I updated my goal. Instead of just a million dollars, I wanted to find work I loved and the life I loved, and THEN make my million.

In 2006 I decided to crush my debt and quit my job. I read a massive amount of books and websites about how to do it. The world of personal finance and entrepreneurs opened up to me. By April of 2007 I was able to give my notice at my job. I took time off to find out what work excited me.

I found it. Now I help entrepreneurs focus their money and their strengths to create an amazing life while they build their net worth.

But I’m still learning too, so I interview millionaires to get their best tips, tactics and advice from their successes and failures.

What is an Eventual Millionaire?

An Eventual Millionaire is a person who knows they will be a millionaire, eventually. But they are dedicated to becoming a millionaire on their own terms. They want an enjoyable business and an enjoyable life.

I think it’s okay to love money. I love my washing machine too. It’s okay to love a tool that makes your life easier. What is not okay is putting it above other priorities, like family, health and work you love.

I like to help people put money back in its place. Where people control money and money doesn’t control people.

I work 20 hours per week as an entrepreneurial coach, and my husband is a performing artist that travels around the country. We have two adorable young children. Life is good.

Disclaimer: I am not a millionaire yet, nor am I a certified finance professional. But I am debt free and I am building my million by making conscious choices in my life and business. This is purely my opinion on finance. If that sounds good to you, then Join Me!

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