Today’s Honoree is Nancy Curran

Nancy Curran deserves praise in the Construction Industry. With nearly 30 years of experience at West Coast Contractors, Nancy Curran has continually demonstrated her ability to transform the inherent challenges in the construction industry into streamed operations that flow seamlessly.

Nancy has held nearly every position in the company including project manager, shop manager, and accounting manager. Nancy is currently responsible for the financial handlings of the company and oversees the overall office functions. Her innumerable abilities, adaptability, and dedication to ensuring the success of each project and the company’s overall commitment to quality make her invaluable to the team and the industry as a whole.

“The deep faith and confidence Nancy has in our company has continually helped us build strong foundations for commerce and communities through creative solutions strengthened by competence, integrity, and care, all values that Nancy embodies day in and day out,” states David Kronsteiner, President of West Coast Contractors. “I consider Nancy as part of my family.” David’s admiration and confidence of Nancy’s undoubted talent, trust, and skills has lead to a well-trusted and successful company.

West Coast Contractors is a renowned construction company that receives national recognition for their hard work, company growth, and project completion. Nancy’s outgoing personality sparked her career at WCC. Her willingness and drive has led to her continued success and long-term friendships within the industry, and especially within WCC that holds her esteem in the highest regard.

Nancy has the ambition, persistence, and determination to educate herself and every team member of the latest technologies to ensure WCC remains at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and processes.

Nancy’s dedication and commitment to excellence has helped propel West Coast Contractors’ success. Her more personal and equally valuable titles include being an adored wife, mother, and grandmother. Her love for her family and admiration for her job adds to her much deserved praise and respect within the community.

“Nancy is loyal and kind,” says Keri Wisely, Human Resource Specialist. “Nancy is my role model and has taught me everything I know at West Coast Contractors, ethically and academically.”

Visit Nancy Curran for more information

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