Today’s Honoree is Tara Colquitt

Tara Colquitt The Credit Woman is honest, hard working, has great information for Credit and other important issues. She’s always up front with how she can help and there’s no hidden fees. She’s in many networking and social media sites, always posting free information.

*In Tara’s Own Words*

I am Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman. My purpose is to help you learn to manage your credit, money and debt. Over the past 8 years, I have actively assisted clients in credit restoration, money management, debt elimination and negotiations in an effort to improve their opportunity to purchase their primary residence.

In other cases, I have assisted small business owners who have “mixed credit scores” that interfere with their ability to secure business contracts. I have a proven track record of helping others improve their credit scores and I educate and mentor clients with diverse circumstances about using credit properly to gain access to wealth. Most of us need to change our relationship with money.

In addition, we must build relationships with people to potentially gain leverage to secure financial freedom for future investments. I obtained my BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University. I then worked as a Project Engineer for the City of Philadelphia for 15 years while investing in real estate and helping potential clients with their credit. I have written numerous blogs on credit restoration. And I was featured along with my ex-husband in the November 2007 Essence magazine regarding real estate investment.*

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2 Responses to Today’s Honoree is Tara Colquitt

  1. Congratulations Tara for this well-deserved recognition. You are a capable, compassionate, and enthusiastic resource of helpful information to improve and do better – improving communities and families. Keep up the great work!

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