Today’s Honoree is Carl Davis, Jr.

Carl Wayne Davis, Jr. is a heavyweight professional boxer from Chicago, IL.  Once a football player for both the American Football League (AFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL), Carl believed that the next stop on his athletic career would be to the National Football League (NFL), but that dream was short lived, due to an ankle injury while playing with the Canadian Football League.

Back in Chicago, Carl began practicing martial arts (kung-fu and kick boxing).  His instructor entered Carl into the Chicago Golden Gloves to better his fundamentals of kick boxing.  In 2000, Carl entered the Chicago Golden Gloves Novice division and became the champion knocking out all four opponents during the first rounds of each fight.  In 2002, he returned to the Golden Gloves as a super heavyweight contender.  Carl won the open division championship.  With his impressive record, the Golden Glove officials elected to have Carl fight on the National Golden Glove team.  Carl, along with his national teammates, was invited to fight in England.  He stunned the crowd in the packed arena as he defeated Britain’s champion, Brian Robinson.

With so many accolades under his belt and making such a strong debut as an amateur fighter, Carl began to pursue interests in boxing full time and professionally.  He turned pro in 2003.  He showed that same strength as he did as an amateur in the Golden Gloves and defeated his opponent in 38 seconds with a first round knockout.  Carl “Iron Fist” Davis was born.  With 17 fights under his belt, he is best known for his impeccable knock out capability.

In 2010, Carl dropped down to the cruiser weight division.  He converted over thirty-five pounds to muscle mass and returned to the ring as a cruiser weight on December 17, 2010.  He won the vacant USBO Cruiser weight title with a ten round unanimous decision over former world cruiser weight champion ‘King’ Arthur Williams.

Carl currently works with a Chicago public school assisting emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, behaviorally disordered, and autistic children.
Carl has Non-profit affiliations with I AM 4 KIDS foundation The Princess Within foundation – Honorary Member
Ronald McDonald House

 Visit Carl Davis, Jr. for more information  

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