Today’s Honoree is Marcus Jones

I grew up on Chicago’s South Side without a dad like most youth of inner city families. Fortunately, my grandparents and mother who instilled in me good morals. I’m glad I attended grammer school, H.S. and graduated because it help mold and guide me into what I should and could be doing today. After graduating H.S. I know now, I should have went straight into college but I chose the street life which led me to get shot four times and ultimately put me in a wheelchair. From getting shot to Northwestern hospital, where I stayed about two weeks and where the doctor told me I would never be able to walk again.

I was then transfred to Cook County hospital, where I stayed about a month. I was then transfred to the Cook County Jail where I stayed 2½ years and 2 weeks. I was then transfred to Dixon correctional facility and finished the remainder of my prison sentence of 10 years. In October 1999, I was released from Dixon Correctional facility. I knew I had to do something with my life I didn’t want my life to go to waste.

The summer of 2000, I enrolled in Olive-Harvey City College. While educating myself it opened my mind and eyes up to so many ideas. Maintaning myself with part-time jobs, learning myself, my body and adapting myself back into society, I felt I was on the road to being successful.

In 2004, I start writing my autobiography Everyone has a story…This is mine, finished in summer of 2007, and self published mt autobiography in January 2008. My voice is one that needs to be heard amongst the youth, our communities and in schools in the city of Chicago and beyond. I want everyone to know that you can make it, you can be successful in this world. I know this because I believe I can and will!

I am very passionate about life, educating others, through my experience and knowledge. I didn’t always feel like this, I was once passionate about money, cars, cloths, jewelry and the street life. Today, I’m living more responsible and still on the road to succeed. I have learned many things in my life before my injury…but not like I have after my injury. My age is a constant reminder of where I need to be in my life. Life is so precious to me and should be to everyone!

I want people to see everything from my view for a moment, wheelchair mind set, wheelchair eating, laughing, and just being sociable. The way my day start off, the way I put on my pants, shirt, socks and shoes. I just want everyone to accept everyone and not the money, the materials of the world. I want people to accept everyone for who they are because everyone’s human. I learned never to prejudge anyone, you never know hen you may need someone’s help.

I love myself and whomever loves me. I even love people who don’t love or know me. Why shouldn’t I they never did anything to me. Why should someone be mad at somebody else’s life. Life is everything! Once you’re gone…you’re gone. People should try to live everyday as if they want to see tomorrow, try to live a very long life. Estimated time on earth for humans is maybe 60 years, I’m trying to live until I’m 80 years young!

Marcus enjoys reading, attending cultural social events and communicating with the people in the community trying to inspire, uplift, motivate, and putting hope back into the youth.

Visit Marcus Jones for more information.

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