Today’s Honoree is James O’Connor

James O’Connor is a man on a mission to bring back civility and good manners to America. His book “Cuss Control” has helped people stop swearing. James V. O’Connor created the Cure for the Common curse with his book “Cuss Control: The Complete Book on how to Curb Your Cursing.”

He opened the Cuss Control Academy and has helped people break the swearing habit which has ordinary citizens contributing to the decline of civility and good manners. Swearing can hurt reputations, scare children, and create an atmosphere of intimidation rather than peace.


Christin Kellogg, The Washington Times: “While Mr. O’Connor insists that he is not trying to eliminate all swearing, he would like to see a conscious effort made to curtail it. His book describes how the bad language that swearers assume is accepted is really only tolerated. It is a blot on everyone’s reputation.”

Mimi Avins, The Los Angeles Times: “Like most of us, O’Connor grew up swearing but tired of it when he felt its public use was becoming excessive. He says most people don’t realize they could be damaging their relationships and influencing the way other people perceive them.”

Rory Evans, Allure magazine: “In his book, O’Connor sets forth a plan for cutting back on cussing. He recommends that you stop habitually swearing, and should also exercise restraint in emotional situations. You will be making a noble sacrifice, bettering the environment for many generations.”

Jacquielyn Floyd, The Dallas Morning News: “O’Connor is a public relations guy whose book challenges people to give up cursing. Personally, I agree with him. Cursing is tacky, offensive, pointless and makes you look like a lout.”

Fred Bruning, Newsday: “O’Connor is not likely to achieve a truly swearless society, but, he says, anything would be an improvement. He says the whole issue has to do with civility.”

Michelle Slatalla, Time magazine: “O’Connor says parents who came of age in the ’60s and ’70s decided to do what they wanted to do and say what they wanted to say. So today our children are swearing more and swearing younger.”

Redbook magazine: “Parents can’t expect their kids to stop swearing unless they do, too, says James V. O’Connor, author of Cuss Control. Kids will imitate not only your language, but also the bad attitude it conveys.”

Karen Peterson, USA TODAY: “Obscenities have become a verbal crutch, and swearing is almost always a negative, says James O’Connor, the anti-cussing crusader and author. He says profanity is lazy language that reveals more about the swearer than the subject of the cursing.”

Diane White, the Boston Globe: “In Cuss Control, James V. O’Connor writes that at the rate we are going, swearing will be so common that it will be about as much fun as a nudist camp. Like institutionalized nudity, swearing is losing its mystery, its power to shock. It is so ubiquitous that it’s boring, and that’s a shame, because cursing has its uses.”

Please visit Cuss Control for more information

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  1. bookpromoter says:

    Wonderful. This guy deserves a medal. I will pass it around to some peope.

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