Today’s Honoree is Sarah Voskamp

In 2009, at the age of nine,Sarah decided to write a book. So she did. In nine days, she wrote a book about believing in yourself and chasing your dreams.

Her book Filly Girls – Chasing the Dream was published in 2010 and over the last year, Sarah has traveled to more than 50 schools in Georgia, Florida, and Canada talking to large groups of kids hoping to inspire them to follow their dreams and passions of showing them you don’t t have to wait until you’re older to do the things you enjoy and to make a difference.

Sarah also donates money from the sales of her book to causes she believes in, such as school libraries, Toys for Tots, and a local fundraiser to help parents with medical expenses for their toddler who was crushed by an elevator.

Sarah also volunteers with the Altrusa group four times a year helping senior citizens, and she helps at the groups at the annual silent auction/fashion show that raises money for scholarships to Lanier Tech for single moms.

While all of the above make Sarah special, what makes her really unique is her already strong entrepreneurial spirit and business sense. Along with promoting her book, from May to September, Sarah also owns and operates a lemonade stand at a local farmers market.

At eleven, Sarah is a published author, business owner,philanthropist, straight A student, and a member of her area swim team (with an amazing butterfly stroke). She is already having a positive effect on the world, just imagine what the future holds. Sarah is inspiring and this is why I’m nominating her.

Please visit  Sarah Voskamp for more information.

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1 Response to Today’s Honoree is Sarah Voskamp

  1. lauren greathouse says:

    i love you book it was so good i hope you write more

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