Today’s Honoree is Sherry Friedlander

What’s it like to save over 1,000 lives! Just ask Sherry Friedlander. She  and her team have done just that!

Through Ms.  Friedlander’s tireless efforts, persistence and insistence, any child that  goes missing will have any and all resources available to help bring that  child home safe. To date, a Child Is Missing Alert and Recovery Center (ACIM) has been credited with over 1,040 safe-assisted recoveries.

Ms. Friedlander moved to South Florida in 1964 from Cincinnati, Ohio. She  has been involved with publishing, public relations and marketing since  1969.

In 1976 Sherry established Lauderdale Publishing and in 1982 began producing  business publications, including Business In Broward, and Art Spirit!

She did not experience the anguish of a missing child, but no one in the  country was offering a free service to law enforcement and it was needed.
That is when she decided to take this on as a mission to help save the lives  of loved ones that could not help themselves.

In 1997, Sherry founded A Child Is Missing Alert and Recovery Center, a  first responder program provided free to law enforcement to assist in the  early recovery of missing children, the disabled, the elderly, (sometimes  with Alzheimer’s) and college students on campus. A Child Is Missing  participates in Amber and Silver Alerts, Child Abduction Response Teams  (CART), and Blue Alerts.

Ms. Friedlander is well known for her extensive participation in the  community. Her community involvement includes Fort Lauderdale Kiwanis, (past president), Nova Southeastern University Board of Governors for the  Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Broward Woman Alliance,  Association for Missing and Exploited Children, (board member), Broward  Chiefs Association and other groups.

Among many awards Ms. Friedlander has received in recognition of her  community service are the Kiwanian of the Year and Distinguish Service  Award; the prestigious J. Edgar Hoover Award for Distinguished Public  Service, conferred in October 2000 by the National Association of Chiefs of  Police; Women In Communications, Woman of the Year 2002, and, Women In  Distress for 25 Years of Distinguished Service.

On March 25th, 2005, she was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Broward  County Sheriff’s Office (nominated by Criminal Investigations).

On December 1st, 2005, she appeared on the Montel Williams show and was  honored for giving a piece of herself and a special gift – her voice – to  make a difference in her local community by the 2005 Voices Campaign.

She has also participated in The White House Conference on Small Business,
The White House Conference on Missing and Exploited Children and has been a
speaker at various press conferences and television shows for missing  children. She participates in the training of law enforcement departments  and is called upon for assists in the search for missing children, the elderly and the disabled.

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