Today’s Honoree is Andrew Bo Young

Bo is a businessman, but most importantly a humanist who believes the ultimate purpose of life is to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. Bo is committed to giving back to his community, and to assisting those in need on a national level.

Before he was even born, Andrew Jackson Young, III was nicknamed Bo. His father called him that after the famed blues singer Bo Diddley. Bo was born in Atlanta, GA to Jean Childs Young, an educator and children’s activist, and Andrew Young, a preacher and then congressman of Georgia’s 5th district.

In March 2003, with his sound business practices and strong corporate contacts, Bo started Young Solutions Inc. a print communications company which continues to enjoy great success.

Bo is proud to serve as GiveLocally’s Chief Executive Officer. Combining his keen business skills with his strong passion to help others, Bo’s vision and leadership acumen will further GiveLocally’s mission to create efficiency and transparency as the leading on-line “point and click? Giving Platform designed to assist pre-screened families and organizations in need.

Bo is a member of First Congregational Church in Atlanta. He has been involved with Hank Carter’s Wheelchair Charities since meeting Mr. Carter in 1996. Bo is active in the Southwest Atlanta YMCA and sits on the boards of Drum Major Institute and “Why Tuesday?”

For more information please visit Young Solutions, Inc.

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